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Classic pleated detail shorts

$92 SGD

[ Size ]

55 , 66

[ Color ]

cream , beige , pink , black

[ Fabric ]

100 % poly ​

[ Detail ]


These are 2023 S / S classic pleat detail shorts.
These are shorts with pleat details that are wearable for the S/S season and are easy to wear as a point.
The high-rise pattern holds the waist line, and the pleat detail that continues below it gently falls from the waist line to the thigh line, making it a short that will be loved by everyone as it goes well with various body types.
With a sense of length of about 5 parts and a slim wide silhouette, these shorts are classic and comfortable to wear even with formal looks, and complete a long and slim leg line as well as a body cover.
I chose a material that gives off a subtle sheen and enhances the angle to enhance the dress-up mood of the shorts, and enhanced the quality of the pants by adding a sense of luxury.
Classic pleated detail shorts that do not go out of fashion. Match them with a plain tank top for a simple yet gorgeous look, or style them with classic items such as shirts or jackets for a stylish formal look. .

The material of the classic pleated detail shorts is
It was made using 100% polyester twill fabric.
It is a poly twill fabric with a unique and cool touch that has a subtle sheen. The thickness of the fabric is thin, but the elasticity is very good. It has a strong soft feel and has been processed to prevent wrinkles.
Made of high-quality fabric woven with high-density poly, it has very good resilience and tastes good when worn.​

Pin tucks are inserted into the front line to hold the waistline, and it falls to the A-line, so the movement of the thigh line is not uncomfortable and does not sag.
It makes your legs look longer and covers the lower part of the hip line, making it a good item to wear from spring to early summer.
A gentleman's hook was added to the front closure to add luxury.
It was made with Koshiura as a lining for the waist belt and paying attention to the inside specifications neatly.

It is a well-made product with a high degree of completion, including design, material, and quality.
All processes were carried out in a factory that specializes in brands.

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