V Neck Crepe Blouse Top

$78 SGD


Small, Medium


cream, beige, mint, indy pink, black


100% poly


2020 S / S V-Neckline crepe blouse top.
The V-neckline emphasizes femininity, and it is a blouse top that is suitable for a stylish classic look by using a classic minimalist design and crepe fabric suitable for the S/S season.
With a feminine mood and simple design, you can feel a minimalist chic. It's a classic and basic inner wear with a deep V-neckline, a shoulder line that fully covers the shoulder, and an armhole line that doesn't feel burdensome. In addition to the elegant satin midi skirt, this is a V-neckline crepe blouse top that is great for styling in various ways with slacks and skirts.

V-neck crepe blouse top material
Made using 100% poly crepe fabric.
When weaving the fabric, it is a crepe fabric characterized by a cool texture by giving a lot of twist to the yarn, so that the thread is firm and the content is reduced.
It is a cool and refreshing blouse top that has a cool and stylish design even if you wear it as an inner inside a jacket or just over one summer season.

It is a basic design top with a V-line neckline at both the front and back, and a minimalist design.
It is a high-quality product manufactured by modifying the pattern three times, including a three-dimensional pattern that makes the bust part three-dimensional, an armhole line where underwear is not visible, and the angle of the shoulder part.
The wick used for the blouse was attached to the Japanese silk wick to hold it firmly to receive strength.
It is made of solid fabric, and the entire finish is bias-dissociated using high-quality PB TWILL to improve fit and quality.

It is a well-made product with a high degree of completion, complete with design, materials, and quality.
All processes are made in a women's wear factory that specializes in branded blouses.

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