Baby Alpaca Blend Diagonal Button Detail Sweater

$87 SGD




cream, beige, light gray, black


baby kid alpaca 70% + nylon 30%


2020 F/W baby alpaca blend diagonal button detail sweater.
The diagonal button detail point and the unique warmth of baby alpaca yarn are well harmonized, so it is a product that gives a soft and feminine mood when worn.
This is a product with a mood that shows the cozy softness of the 2020 F/W trend.Alpaca yarn that enhances the quality through softening agent processing to make the soft and warm hair unique to Kid Alpaca stand out. This is a knit sweater that stands out for knitting.
The round crew boat neckline has a button detail on the front with a full diagonal button, so it is open to feel like a cardigan. This is a baby alpaca blend diagonal button detail sweater that is good to style.

The baby alpaca blend diagonal button detail sweater is made of
Weaving and knitting yarn containing 70% Baby Kid Alpaca + 30% Nylon.
Kidd Alpaca It is a baby kid yarn of young alpaca with 70% content. It is very soft and light, so it can be easily worn from the season to F/W season.

The weave of the knit structure
The body and sleeves are woven in a simple private organization to add refinement and luxury.
The neckline is woven backwards with 1 X 1 structure, making it comfortable to wear when wearing and taking off.
The Herashi technique is used in the armhole to naturally connect the sleeve and the body plate connection, smooth the line, and fit the body comfortably even when worn.

It is a well-made product with a high degree of completion, complete with design, materials and quality.
All processes were carried out in factories that specialize in brands.

Thank you.


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