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square shoulder oversized twill blazer

$225 SGD

[ Size ]


[ Color ]

cream , beige , lilac pink , black

[ Fabric ]

100% poly

[ Detail ]

This is a 2023 S / S square shoulder oversized twill blazer.
This one-button twill blazer has a chic mood with classic details and an oversized silhouette.​
At first glance, it looks like a simple pattern, but the square shoulder line and the vertically falling jacket pattern catch the eye.
It is a product that goes well with a formal look with a relaxed oversized fit and a length that covers the hips, and also matches well with a casual atmosphere such as bike shorts or sweatpants.
It added a minimal mood with delicate details such as the dart on the waistline and the sharply finished lapel centered on the one single button on the front.
It is a square shoulder oversized twill blazer that is good to wear as a set-up with twill knee shorts made of the same fabric, and is stylish to wear in a casual and formal way.

The material of the square shoulder oversized twill blazer is
It was made using 100% polyester twill fabric.
It is a poly twill fabric with a unique and cool touch that has a subtle sheen. The thickness of the fabric is thin, but the elasticity is very good. It has a strong soft feel and has been processed to prevent wrinkles.
The quality of the jacket has been improved by press work on the wick so that the design of the blazer can be saved.
Made of high-quality fabric woven with high-density poly, it has very good resilience and tastes good when worn.​

At the bottom of the collar and armhole,
The Japanese silk wick was added once again to enhance the completeness of the clothes.
The lining of the jacket, the lining of the sleeves, and the feeling of release use high-quality PB TWILL to add luxury.
Using viscose rayon mixed with poly and bemberg, the surface is soft and friction is low, reducing the generation of static electricity, and the density is dense, so there is no fraying of the fabric even when worn for a long time :)
For the shoulder, I put a shoulder pad with a thickness of 30 mm thicker than the pad used in the market to save the shoulder line :)

The open closing button on the front of the jacket is
It was made to match the design of the minimalistic jacket with buttons dyed to match the color of the fabric.
The sewing thread that goes into every process uses the color of the fabric made of solid silk material and the Jinuido that is matched 1:1 to improve the degree of completion.

It is a well-made product with a high degree of completion, including design, material, and quality.
All processes were carried out in a factory that specializes in brands.​

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