Sleeveless Crop Top




55, 66


white, light yellow, beige, light blue, black


97% poly + 3% elastane


It is a 2020 S / S sleeveless crop top.
It is a crop top that combines comfort and activity with a minimal design and a light pattern with a cropped feel and a relaxed pattern spreading through the A line.
Closing at the back of the neckline gave a hole to attach a button to give a point. It is a sleeveless crop top that is great for styling with various bottoms such as skirts, slacks, and wide cropped pants with a clean and stylish design.
The pattern is rounded along the silhouette line of the body while adequately covering the armhole line of the armpit so that the underwear can be exposed without burden, and the sleeveless that fits loosely without any lumps while sitting on the shoulder with an appropriate length to fit the shoulder line It is an item.
It is a blouse that is cool with a sleeveless design and matches the basic slacks and linen pants to create a modern look.

Sleeveless crop top material
This is a crepe bottom fabric made of 97% poly.
Ura, a fabric with a small amount of elastin on the bottom of the fabric with the same sides on both sides.
By using a Japanese silk wick instead of an iron to press and apply it under high pressure heat, the fabric itself is preserved, and the line A is made to look three-dimensional.
Harry sense made the PB TWILL summer use cooler.

The button ring that entered between the holes on the back of the neck
It is made of elastin string material that is not used in the ready-made cotton, and uses high-grade hook accessories for export.

All processes are meticulously crafted in factories that specialize in brand blouses.

Thank you.


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Jessica Chua
Can’t wait to wear it ❤️

I’ve bought this top in black size S and quality is very good at the given price! Recommended for all virtual meetings we have now and it’s very easy to match since it’s in classic colors!