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Wool Silk V neck Knit Top


wool silk deep v - neck long sleeved knit

[ Size ]


[ Color ]

cream , butter beige , heather grey , black

[ Fabric ]

40% wool + 10% cashmere + 50% acrylic

[ Detail ]

2023 S / S Wool Silk Deep V Neck Long Sleeve Knit.
It's a wool x cashmere blend knit that softly wraps around the body and gives a point with a deep V-neck.
The classic design of the V-neck knit design is oversized and finished with a dropped shoulder line and exaggeratedly falling sleeves to create a minimalist but stylish knit.
It is a very light and airy knit that is good to wear cool even in midsummer because it is very light and airy.
The sheer texture with subtle and delicate weave adds a natural feel, and the layering produced by the oversized silhouette is softly revealed and blends well with the unique cozy feel of knitwear.
The neckline is a deep V-neck, which makes the neckline and clavicle look thinner and longer, and with a basic yet feminine charm, it is a knit with a design that is good to match with various mood looks.
With a basic design that never goes out of fashion, it is good to use as a top for a formal look in the S / S season with trousers or a pencil skirt, and it is good to wear daily with casual denim pants or shorts. This knit will be loved by everyone.
It is a wool silk deep V-neck long sleeve knit that will give you satisfaction when you wear it as a knit product that looks very soft, light and luxurious material.

The material of wool silk deep V neck long sleeve knit is
It is knitted using blended yarn containing 40% wool + 10% cashmere + 50% acrylic.
I worked with 16 gauge knitting to make it easy and refreshing to wear in the S / S season.
Using thin yarns, it feels very light and soft, and it is dense and sophisticated by working with a new needle.
Clean and soft finish with laundry softener treatment to improve quality.
The neckline was 1-to-1 single lipped, and a pintuck was added to the back with a reverse tissue to give a point.​​

It is a well-made product with a high degree of completion, including design, material, and quality.
All processes were carried out in a factory that specializes in brands.


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