"At KOSTYLE, we start from a love for fashion, a belief that everyone deserves to be stylish, and a mission to enable that possibility for anyone and everyone."

KOSTYLE brings you the highest quality Korean fashion pieces, and the latest K-Fashion trends and styles.

Our founder and chief curator; Christy, a Korean Canadian, travels to Korea monthly. From the streets of Dongdaemun in Jung-gu to Apgujeong Rodeo Street in Gangnam, she engages with the locals, brands, and meets with top design houses to discuss the latest Korean trends, styles, and industry developments. These findings keep KOSTYLE in-sync with the heartbeat of the leading fashion capital of the world.

With that knowledge, KOSTYLE employs Kouture©; an extremely rigorous process that researches, sources, and buys the latest pieces, after which, only a fraction makes it onto our site. If it has gone through the Kouture© process, you can trust that we have tried it, like it, and that it exudes style.

By breaking down those frustrating language barriers, hard to access information, and expensive shipping costs, we strive to empower and enable everyone; no matter who you are or where you are from - access to a one-stop Korean fashion destination that is celebrated around the world for its trend-setting fashion designs and styles, a focus on quality materials, and the right to the most stylish you, right to your doorstep.

We believe that fashion is not about finding the next trendy piece, but a journey to learn new knowledge, and use them to find your own style and build a comprehensive wardrobe that allows you to shine from top to toe.

Looking forward to accompanying you on that journey.

- Christy