Bi-color Leather Pencil Skirt

$135 SGD

BI - COLOR leather pencil skirt  
[ Size ] 
55 , 66 
[ Color ] 
black + cream
beige + cream 
[ Fabric ] 
100 % PU 
[ Detail ]​​

2020 S / S bi-color leather pencil skirt.
It is a leather pencil skirt that is cut diagonally to give a color to give a point, and a slit that boldly enters the pencil line will create a sexy mood.
It is made of leather texture material with a gorgeous color, and it is a skirt with unique and femininity.
The entire fit is made with a slim, feminine H-line silhouette with a slightly covering calf and a deep slit in the front and back lines for a sophisticated and sexy look.
When the waist line is held high, the silhouette looks slimmer and longer, making the pencil skirt attractive.
The leather texture is matched with a thick F / W season outerwear to match the point and wears to stand out, creating a gorgeous outfit, and creating a chic and chic mood.


The color of the leather pencil skirt material
Made of 100% PU fabric.
I used a synthetic leather that was most similar to the naked type lambskin and fur, giving it the feel of real leather.
Brushed fabric on the inside enhances warmth and soft texture provides a comfortable fit
I made a real sheepskin touch and processed it, so the fabric itself was very smooth, so I had to cut it one by one.
The lining of the skirt
Use silky stretch fabric to prevent napping
Even the narrow width unique to the pencil skirt line makes it comfortable to wear due to the stretch lining.
The wick was attached to a Japanese silk wick and held firmly for strength.
Fix it with a hand wholesale so that the lining does not come out,
The finish was invisible by using 3M genuine tape to prevent the seam stitch from appearing.
All processes are made in a factory that specializes in branded skirts.
Thank you.